Every Friday we celebrate the beginning of the weekend by featuring one of our amazing Real Life Brides. Showcasing their wedding and of course, their dress! 

This week we spoke to Samantha Freshwater; who was married to Tom on the 28th of August 2015 in the grounds of Claydon House Estate, followed by a reception in a tipi by Sami Tipi
The bride wore our Neru dress with our Payton Slip. 

Get an exclusive look at Samantha and Tom's big day below! 

Please can you describe the style of your wedding:
Our wedding was based around our venue where the beautiful large stable doors were a lovely bright blue. We kept our colours a pastel shade of blue and light peach to match. 

The style was quite rustic with the fire pit and tipis. There was also a big emphasis on flowers which filled the tipi and church. 

What was the best experience when trying on dresses?
Meeting Mandi from Charlie Brear and her instantly getting my style - and then trying on my dress and feeling elegant yet still keeping my own style identity! 

How did your husband propose?
Tom proposed to me two years ago around Christmas time. I have always loved the St Pancras Hotel building, so he booked us dinner and a room there. 

How long did it take to plan your wedding?
It took about a year, we did a lot ourselves so it was a tiring 12 months!

How did you feel after you had ordered your dress?
I couldn't wait to wear it! I was also looking forward to everyone's reactions about it!
What shoes did you wear?
I wore blush pink suede scalloped edge peep toe shoes from French Connection, I didn't want to spend a small fortune here as I knew I would be kicking them off straight after the meal!

Did you struggle finding the right lingerie that worked with your dress?
I did struggle, I needed to wear a bra and it had to be strapless but I hate strapless bras! In the end I trusted a professional and went toBravissimo and they gave me a strapless basque that worked a treat!

Who did your hair and makeup?
My hair was done by my super talented hairdresser Elli Court. The makeup was done by a Bobbi Brown artist Amy Conway - I was so lucky to have won my makeup session at a wedding show competition! 

Did your wedding have any quirky features?
I think our wedding was unusual in its venue and had some nice design touches that Tom and I were able to do.

The big displays of flowers worked really well. I would say that our wedding was quite traditional otherwise, we were keen to make sure our wedding was tasteful so that we hopefully won't look back in 10 years and say 'oh my goodness why did we do that!'. 

Who took your fabulous wedding pictures?
Our amazing photographer was Frankee Victoria - I can not recommend Frankee enough! 

How did you feel walking down the aisle?
Walking down the aisle was the best feeling ever! Holding onto my lovely dad's arm and seeing all our family and friends smiling. 

What great piece of advice would you pass onto other brides (#WeddingHacks)?
File it all. Use Pinterest and stay calm, your happiness will take over on the day and everything will work out just fine!

If you could do it all again what would you do differently?
Worry less about the little details in the run up to the big day!

Where did you go for your honeymoon?
We went to Crete for the most relaxing week of sunshine. 

Do have any wedding planning advice for other brides?
Just keeping on top of emails really and making sure everything looked how it should the day before! We needed a whole day to prepare the tipi, so if you're decorating your venue give yourself plenty of time. 

What will you do with your dress now?
I'm tempted to keep it in case I have a little girl. 

What are your best memories of the day?
We truly loved the whole day, but I think we both found the ceremony really special and the fact that all our dearest were all in one place!

We really hope you enjoyed this week's Real Life Bride.
Have a great weekend!