Elise & Andreas' destination wedding was one of pure beauty. This Norwegian couple fell in love with Barcelona travelling in 2014 - knowing they would one day marry there. The bohemian pair crafted a three-day event, inspired by the things they love! With the ambition of creating an informal affair; they combined cosy home comforts with strong Spanish influences, leaving their guests feeling at ease. Their classic church ceremony was followed by a rustic reception at Masia Torreblanca, a contemporary Spanish vineyard, that was simply to die for! Overwhelmed by the support of many friends and family who travelled to celebrate their special event; these two spent three unforgettable days, enjoying every moment.

Feminine and unique, Elise stunned in our Aubrey top and Augustine skirtco-ord which she found at our amazing Norwegian stockist, Maria Schei Brudesalong.

Let Elise's words and the photography by Vera Fleisner take you there...


How did Andreas propose?

Andreas proposed to me on 14th August 2015 in Croatia, the last night of our vacation. I actually thought that he would propose to me the week before when we were on vacation in Nice. We had nights where we sat hours on the beach drinking Champagne and eating pizza! So the proposal took me by surprise that night but it was perfect! He didn't have a ring ready because he knew that I would like to be a part of choosing it. So when we arrived home, we ordered a ring from a Swedish jewellery designer that uses recycled gold. I wear it now with my personalised wedding band, which is made from the gold of my grandparent's wedding bands.

Where did you purchase your dress?

I found my dream dress at 'Maria Schei Brudesalong' It is owned by this amazing woman named Mari. She gave the best service a bride could ask for! I had actually already chosen a different dress! I was going to wear the Payton dress with  the Augustine Lace skirt over it. I was just going to try that combination and add my mum's veil. However, I had a slight change of heart!

Mari had just unpacked the Aubrey Top and it was hanging right in front of me. I tried it on right away and from the moment I tried it, I was sold. The lace on the skirt and the top was so beautiful that it took both my mums’ and my breath away. Usually when I dress up, I use the combination of skirts and tops, to enhance my waist as well as to make an illusion of being more curvy around the hips. Also, a two piece wedding dress was something that I had not seen before and I loved the idea of having something that no one would expect! Her store is the only one in Norway with Charlie Brear dresses, so I was very lucky.

I ordered that combination and never had a doubt in my mind! I decided to keep my 'change of heart' about the dress a secret from my bridesmaids until my wedding day. It was so hard, but the look on their faces when they saw me on the day was definitely worth it!

What was your best experience when trying on dresses?

My best experience was trying on my wedding dress for the very first time. I was not expecting to cry trying on wedding dresses, but something about the dress made me and my mum think of my grandmother. She is no longer with us, but she would have loved my wedding dress!

How did you feel after you ordered your dress?

I felt amazing! It was hard not to show every person I met my wedding dress! I wanted to talk about it and show everyone! I can't count how many times my maid of honour had to remind me of why I wanted to keep the dress a secret!


What would your advice be to Brides-to-be about shopping for a wedding dress?

Be open to trying on different styles and try something that you think you may never wear too! It is like finding a man; the dream dress appears when you least expect it! When you find a dress, stop looking at others and do not compare yourself to other brides. We all have different budgets and styles. Remember that you chose your dress for a reason. 

What shoes did you wear?

I had some pointed toe, nude heels with straps from Front Society. I found them at a store in Stavanger, where we live.

Did you struggle finding the right lingerie that worked with your dress?


I had to wear high waisted underwear underneath the skirt to avoid any lines showing. I found underwear that I liked which was comfortable as well as pretty in a nude colour. There were no limitations for what I could wear underneath the Aubrey top, so I bought a beautiful lace bra fromChange.

For future brides, I recommend comfortable underwear for the wedding day and the maybe a spare set of underwear to change into for the evening.

Who did your hair & make-up?

My mum did my hair. She has been doing my hair since I was born. She is a hairdresser and the only person I trust with my hair! My mum, as well as one of our friends who is a hairdresser, did my bridal parties hair. I actually did my own make-up because Andreas prefers me without any so I wanted to keep it as natural as possible. 

Months before the wedding, we had trial appointments at my mum's hairdressing salon. Those times were some of the best parts of the wedding planning.

What traditions did you follow?

We had a meeting with the priest the morning of the wedding day, so not seeing each other the morning of was not that easy to pull off. However, Andreas never saw me in my dress until I walked down the aisle. We also tried to sleep in different rooms the night before the big day, but in the middle of the night, Andreas came back in to our room, so we shared the rest of the night together!

Did your wedding have any quirky or unusual features?

In the church after we said our "I dos", five of our friends and my cousin performed, "Work Song" by Hozier. Only a couple of them had met before the wedding, but they were able to pull off the most amazing acapella version! The applause after the last night was unforgettable!

How did you feel walking down the aisle?

On our way to the church I was pretty sure that I was going to pass out or have a heart attack! I remember telling my dad, "I think I am going to faint and I have never felt my heart beating this hard and fast before." When we came to the church and I started walking down the aisle, everything changed. I got weirdly calm and all I could do was smile. I was smiling so much that I look like a maniac in all the photos!

What was the most memorable moment of the day?

I think that one of the funniest moments of the day was when Andreas took his jacket off.

It is a Norwegian tradition that men at weddings cannot take their jackets off before the groom takes off his. As we are not use to wearing suits in sunny weather, their were lots of concerns from the men before the wedding! Therefore, just to torture his friends (in a funny way), Andreas kept his jacket on all day! So when Andreas stood up during the dinner and finally took his jacket off, all the men at the wedding stood up, burst out in a huge applause and threw off their jackets!

Take 5 with this week's #FRIDAYBRIDE ELISE


1. Have fun while planning your wedding. Have your girls over, drink wine and make mood boards! Also, go to wedding events with your girls!

2. Accept help and delegate to your loved ones. They are normally just happy to help. No one likes a stressed out bride! (We are the worst!)

3. Use Pinterest for inspiration!

4. If you have the opportunity, make your wedding last for more than one day! It was great to spread the happy tears out over 3 days.

5. Make a budget and stick with it, unless you win the lottery!

Who took your fabulous wedding pictures?

Vera Fleisner took our wedding photos. Her husband, Andrew, was helping her out as well. They were amazing - such a warm and loving couple that really knew how to make both the bride and groom comfortable in front of the camera. We picked Vera because of her ability to capture important moments, something that really shows in her work.

Did you find organising your wedding an easy process?

We used a travel and event agency that usually arranges trips for large companies. We were their first wedding event, but they did a very, very good job! They booked almost everything for us and had an agent in Barcelona that took care of everything in Barcelona. One of the ladies were also present during our wedding day, something that made me relax and enjoy our day even more. I am a perfectionist and control freak, so having to trust someone else to make sure my wedding day was perfect, was not easy! I think that I sent out agent, Arild, 2-3 emails every single day for 6 months but he was always super happy and answered me right away!

The trickiest part of the wedding planning was making the guest list! Because of our budget we were not able to invite as many people as we wanted. Luckily, those who unfortunately did not get invited were very understanding!

What are you and your husband's best memories of the day?

One of the best moments that we shared together from the day was when we got in the car after the ceremony. We had 45 minutes alone, just the two of us (and a Spanish driver!) We also had a moment after the dinner where we stood at the balcony looking down at the garden where all of our guests were sitting around the dinner tables, having the best time!


Ceremony venue Nostra Sra. del Rosario PP.Dominicos. 
The Norwegian church abroad in Barcelona used for weddings.

Reception venue Masia Torreblanca

Photographer Vera Fleisner

Florist  Naralia Galvan Vila at “Studio Floral”

Caterer  Cal Blay Catering

Cake supplier  Cal Blay Catering

Dress Aubrey Top and Augustine lace skirt from Maria Schei Brudesalong

Shoes  Front Society

Rings Designed by our self, made by “Gullsmed Christophersen”. We used my grandparents' wedding rings.

Accessories Pronovias belt worn as a hair “crown”, my grandmother and Andreas grandmother's rings


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