Every Friday we celebrate the beginning of the weekend by featuring one of our amazing Real Life Brides. Showcasing their wedding and, of course, their dress! 

This week we spoke to Emma Weber; who was married to Hem on the 21st August 2015 in the small village of Cairanne in the South of France.

The civil ceremony was followed by a reception at a nearby vineyard. 
The bride wore our Payton dress and Caledon overdress. 

Get an exclusive look at Emma's big day below! 

What was your best experience when trying on dresses?

My best experience was my first visit at Charlie Brear’s showroom and realising that the dresses were a perfect fit for me. I found it really difficult shopping for a piece of clothing I had no experience in buying, but here I felt like I was wearing dresses that were more suited to my wardrobe style.
The second best thing was finding my dress in their sample sale reduced… And the third best thing was finding my hair accessories at CB that I spontaneously bought and adore.

What would your advice be to other brides about shopping for a wedding dress?

Do your research well in advance before picking the stores you’ll visit. Don’t waste your time on store which don’t have the style of dresses you like, cause it will be tiring and time consuming.
Pay a little more for the one you really want cause you will want to feel confident you’ve made the right choice and avoid spending unnecessary amounts of money on alterations to make it better if you didn’t pick the right one in the first place because you were trying to save money.
Bring at least one same friends to each store visit, so she/he can compare the dresses that you’ve tried one. Bring friends that have similar taste and understand your style.

How did your husband propose?

My husband proposed in the same village we got married in the year before the wedding day on our summer holidays. We went for a picnic at sunset in the old town’s park overlooking the vineyards and he took out a bottle of champagne my father had given him and the ‘placeholder’ ring.

This was a large cocktail ring from Mawi, unfortunately the sizing wasn't right so I ended up exchanging it for beautiful earrings. We got the engagement ring together from Grays Antique in London.

How did you feel after you had ordered your dress?

So relieved, it felt like the biggest weight removed from my shoulders. It felt like 50% of the my wedding planning was done.

What shoes did you wear?

I bought 3 pairs of shoes from Dune, I just couldn't make my mind up. I had my eyes on a really expensive pair but I am glad I went for some cheaper ones as youcouldn't really see them and not many people were looking at my feet on the day.
I would have also been too tall with high heels so I wore some comfortable mini wedge sandals for the ceremony and then swapped them out for stilettos and a shorter Self Portrait dress.

Did you struggle finding the right lingerie?

I went to many stores to find the perfect one. My advice would be to have your dress first then buy a couple of bras in a store to try them on at home or at your second fitting with the dress and return the ones that don’t work.
I found one at Intimissimi that was perfect because my dress had a low back I bought a bra with straps that crossed in the lower back and hooked on the stomach meaning I still had the support I needed.

Did your wedding have any quirky features?

Our DJ who is also a musician played on the guitar “Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles as I entered the town hall.

We ordered plenty of different cakes from our favourite patisserie shop in Vaison-la-Romaine, Peyrerol. They delivered them on the day and the caterers took care of bringing them out and slicing them. I think we probably didn’t buy enough because they were so good everyone wanted more.

I ordered the flowers from a market stall and my sister collected them the day before and picked out a few more on the day that looked nice. My aunt and cousins went for a walk picking some wild flowers and leaves. And friends and sister made the flower arrangements all together. I was so impressed.

Our wedding was quiet crafty, I made the invitations, menus, name place card and table numbers and our table numbers had little anecdotes about us. My sister and friends did the flowers.

What was the funniest moment of the day?

We were so overwhelmed at the ceremony that we misunderstood the mayor when he asked us if we already had a marriage contract and we both replied yes. We obviously were not listening at all and thought it was the moment when we had to say ‘yes, I do’. Everyone exploded in laughs, it was such a funny mistake.

My husband’s speech was hilarious because he thankedPinterest.

Who took your fabulous wedding pictures?

The talented Chloé Lapeyssonie at

What great piece of advice would you pass on to other brides (#weddinghacks)?

This was the best advice my maid of honour gave me; create a google spreadsheet doc that you can access from any computer and share with your fiancé. Delegate as many tasks to other people.
Pay a little more for people’s labour and help instead of expensive decorations and flowers.  Our caterers, Brunet Freres did such a great job with the presentation and they had some props as well as a bar to lend us.

If you could do it all again what would you do differently?

Buy more cake and champagne.

What will you do with your dress now?

I will sell the dress on, because I don’t have the room for it and won’t be wearing it again but I will keep the hair pieces as a souvenir.

Did you find organising your wedding an easy process?

I had a really busy time in the office this year and had to put my wedding plans on hold for 3 months which was tricky, my husband also works really hard so we didn’t have much time to plan it in the week.

I must admit having the wedding abroad made it even harder, because we had to travel there to meet the caterers, the venue, hotels etc which was expensive and my husband doesn’t speak French so I did all the organising.

What are your best memories of the day?

The best memories we have are at dinner, seeing everyone together and hearing the speeches. We had two long banquet tables in the courtyard, with the candlelight it was so beautiful, it was really quite magical.