Kick start your weekend with these gloriously fun party vibes from Kate & Beave's vibrant city celebration. In late April, Kate & Beave tied the knot atThe Civic Suite in Hackney Town Hall. They continued their celebration - Mexican fiesta inspired - at the Londesborough Pub in Stoke Newington surrounded by dear friends & family ready to party!

These beaming two created such a relaxed wedding day, reflected by Kate's choice to wear our ultra cool Livonia skirt & top combination paired with her unique statement pieces. Her incredible fur coat & amazing gold leather clogs were such an eccentric twist & created an incredible hint of wild glam!

Follow Kate & Beave's love story below!

How did Beave propose?
Beave proposed to me in France.  We were staying at a gorgeous Air B n B up in the hills in Roquebrune-sur-Argens. There had been an incredible sunset that evening and the moon was huge and high in the sky.  We had just eaten dinner on the terrace and we were polishing off a bottle of wine when he proposed. He had been trying to propose for 3 days by the time he managed to do the deed. Apparently he had been waiting for the perfect time but had realised that that was never going to happen…our lives are far from perfect!!  Beave didn’t have a ring ready for me, instead he presented me with some gorgeous diamond earrings that his Mum had kindly offered up. My friend, Jess Wright, is a jewellery designer/maker with Ever Ever so she took the earrings apart for me and created the most beautiful engagement ring. She made our wedding rings too!

What was your best experience when trying on dresses?
Obviously I had the best experience at Charlie Brear…and I’m not just saying that! I had been poorly with a 6 week bout of food poisoning when I was trying on dresses and I was covered in a non-contagious rash. Hannah at Charlie Brear was so understanding of the situation and didn't sling me out on the street! I had researched dresses for weeks online so I knew that I had a good chance of finding a dress that fitted the bill, and wow-wee I wasn’t wrong! There was a lot of umm-ing and ahh-ing between two stand out dresses that went on in the week that followed but when I went back for a second 'try on' the decision was obvious. Hannah and all the girls at Charlie Brear were excellent at working through the decision making process with me. Between us we nailed it!

What would your advice be to other brides about shopping for a wedding dress?
Do your research online and be realistic about what you can see yourself wearing on what will be the most incredible day of your life.  Keep your options open and don’t rule anything out without trying it on first…dresses can look very different on a hanger than on a human! The Livonia top & skirt was the most comfortable outfit I have ever worn and it felt right.

What shoes did you wear?
 I wore the most gorgeous shoes by Maguba. I went for Rio clogs in gold leather on a natural high sole. They were so super comfy! I wore them all day until 10.30pm when I swapped them for a wicked pair of gold Reebok classics for the last 2 hours of dancing!

What traditions did you follow? 
We hadn’t intended on being overly traditional for the wedding. Beave and I stayed together the night before the wedding and we hung out together along with some friends in the morning. He did leave the house for the ceremony an hour before me though, we decided that it would be nicer if he didn’t see me in my dress until I walked down the aisle. It was lovely waking up together on our wedding morning knowing that we had such a magical day ahead of us. It was a really special moment - just the two of us. 

I did happen to end up doing the old, new, borrowed, blue thing. The diamonds in my engagement ring are old, my dress was new, I wore a necklace of gold hearts that belongs to my mum which was borrowed and I had some blue legal ribbon in my hair that I had found in my Dad’s office not long after he died. The ribbon was a nice touch, it felt like my Dad was with me all day.

Take 5 with this week's #Friday Bride KATE


1 . Plan a day that makes you feel most comfortable.  

2.  There is no rule book on how to do a wedding so do it in your own way...even if that does means putting a kibosh on the sugared almonds!

3.  Weddings aren’t just about the bride and groom BUT it is a day that is for you and your partner and the memories will be with you forever so create a day that suits YOU as a couple.    

4.  Do a realistic budget in advance and stick to it.

5.  Get your priorities in order!  If something is low on the list of priorities and/or is causing you stress question whether you actually need it.  The likelihood is that you don’t.  Your wedding day is about you and your partner standing up and saying I do….what else is there?

How did you feel walking down the aisle?
 Walking down the aisle felt totally bonkers! I was so full of happiness and joy and nervous energy that I didn’t know what to do with it!  I’ve always been energetic so I did what came naturally and ran on the spot to burn some of it off!  It was so special to be walking down the aisle with my Mum and she was just so full of pride to be giving me away. Obviously we all felt the loss of my Dad as we walked along but Mum did such a great job of doing the honours on his behalf. I don’t think I knew it would be possible to go through so many emotions during one small walk but we did and we laughed a lot too! Beave was blowing kisses at me as I walked towards him and as soon as I got to him the feeling was just so special, we were in the moment together and that was the moment that the day was all about.

 Who took your fabulous wedding pictures?
 A lovely man called John Sanders took our incredible wedding photos. We really wanted to find a photographer who could and would capture the day in all of it's natural glory and John totally nailed it for us! John worked seamlessly with us all day. It takes a special kind of something to be able to turn yourself into a fly on the wall but John managed it so perfectly. In the week after the wedding we had so many great memories whizzing around our brains and when the photo's came through these memories had been turned into physical images. The joy and the magic of the day had been committed to hundreds of gorgeous images that we will cherish forever. 



What was the funniest moment of the day?                                                                                                  The whole day was pretty funny! Walking in to the ceremony room I was a ball of pent up energy so not only did I swear on entering the room (classy!) but I also ran on the spot for about 30 seconds to shake some of it off!  I think everyone in the room found that rather amusing! We had written our own vows which were very honest and true and we had both included some funnies in there too.  All the speeches had everyone crying and laughing.  My mum’s speech was hysterical and everyone found it hilarious when Beave was heckling me throughout my speech!  There was a moment involving some comedy handcuffs just as we sat down to eat our starters….it was a really fun and funny day! 

Did your wedding have any quirky features?                                                                                               I don’t know if it was quirky or unusual but there were some fun things along the way. We had one of our friends stand in Hackney with a large neon spinner sign letting people know where the wedding was taking place. My sister Faye made the most gorgeous naked Victoria Sponge wedding cake along with about 50 pink cupcakes. We decorated the venue in fun bold colours using papel picado and I painted a Mexican Day of The Dead Table plan….it ended up being quite mexican fiesta in style which suited the vibe of the day so beautifully!

I chose not to have any bridesmaids and Beave decided not to have a best man. Neither of us felt like our friends needed titles or dresses to be made to feel special, they know we love them!!

Where did you go for your honeymoon?
The week after the wedding we mini-mooned in The Lake District.  We stayed at Crumble Cottage in Cartmel which was a dream!  No one tells you how tired you will be after the wedding!! The Lakes was an ideal place for us to rest and recover and we did some lovely walks and ate some delicious food while we were there.  It was gorgeous! We have a west coast USA road trip planned for later in the year, that will be our official honeymoon….can’t wait!!

What will you do with your dress now?
My dress is currently being cleaned by Bentley Garment Care, they collected the dress and will return it to me once the job is done!  I’m planning on taking the dress with me on honeymoon as we might get married again in Las Vegas…if that is allowed?! After that I will likely wear my dress again as separates.  The top looks ace with skinny jeans and I’m certain I can get away with wearing the skirt again to other occasions, just with a different top!

What are you and your husband’s best memories of the day?
All of it!  If we could do it all again every weekend we absolutely would!  

The best memories of the day for both of us come from the wedding ceremony.   In the moment when we were both up at the front holding hands and saying our vows -  that felt like the real deal. We were in it together and we were committing to each other in such a personal and special way. That moment is what getting married is all about. That’s the money shot - right there!



 Kate's Suppliers

Shoes - Maguba, Rio Gold

Rings - Jess Wright, Everever Jewellery

Handbag - Amy George (custom made)

Coat - ASOS

Flowers - me and my friend Caroline

Cake - my sister Faye

Photographer - John Sanders 

Coach - Empress Coaches

Catering and Reception Venue - The Londesborough Pub

Dry Cleaners - Bentley Garment Care

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