Take a look at today's luxurious & intimate wedding with a Scottish twist! Vicki absolutely nailed the effortless chic look dressed in our drop-waistedOribe dress. The unusual & delicate, art-deco lace in ivory, layered upon a fine crepe, truly suited this couple's unique celebration. With a guest list of merely 12, even the finest detail had been gifted the royal touch...literally! 

Read on to learn all about this couple's intimate and characterful wedding day - all the best things come in small packages!

How would you describe the style of your wedding?
The style we went for was simple and low key, with a Scottish twist. My husband and his family are from Orkney so I wanted to bring a little bit of Scotland to our Kentish wedding!  There were 12 guests at the wedding, just family and very close friends, so we wanted to ensure that the key parts were the  very best we could possibly afford! We chose a lovely country house where we could have both the ceremony and the meal under one roof, so it felt like a lovely intimate family get-together, with the added bonus of getting married at the same time!

How did he propose?
He proposed to me in the hallway of our flat one evening after work!  I know it doesn’t sound like the most romantic of places but I was blown away by it!  He had already asked my parents’ permission and said he had just got to a point where he couldn’t wait any longer and it just came out…….I will never forget that moment.  We already had a ring that I had inherited from my Grandmother ready and waiting.

What was your best experience when trying on dresses?
The amazing team at Charlie Brear!  I had been recommended CB by a friend and from the minute I walked into their lovely hidden courtyard they made me feel relaxed and calm about the whole process of getting my perfect dress.

What would your advice be to other brides about shopping for a wedding dress?
I know this goes against most advice but I would highly recommend going on your own for your first visit.  I did this and it was great being able to try on as many dresses as I wanted and having the wonderfully honest advice from the CB staff.  I think family and friends will say you look amazing in every dress you try on but having the quiet space and time to try different types on, and have someone who does it for a living critique your choices is definitely the best way to start your search.

How did you feel after you had ordered your dress?
Utterly amazing, it really was such a relief to have that ticked off my list so early on.

Did you struggle finding the right lingerie that worked with your dress, if so would you recommend anything for future brides?
I did struggle a little with the bra as I am DD and my dress has an open lace back. I found that John Lewis had some good options and ended up with a sort of half bra with large sticky flaps on the side to keep it in place. I’d recommend trying as many different styles as you can as you cannot be sure what will work until you test run it. One I tried made me look like I had two squashed balloons down my top! Intimissimi also have a great online bridal section.

What traditions did you follow? 
We spent the night before our wedding apart, and my gorgeous bridal car was borrowed.  We also followed an old Orkney tradition (where my husband and his family are from) of ‘passing the Bridal Cog’. It is a wooden jug with three handles containing strong mulled wine.  This is handed to the bride to drink after the meal and is then passed clockwise around the table for everyone to drink from. His parents had one handmade for us in Orkney for the special day which meant so much to us.

Where and when did you get married?
 We got married on 16 January 2016, two years to the day that we met!  It was at Provender House, a 14th Century country house in Kent currently owned by Princess Olga Romanoff.  She was very hands on and even helped on the day before getting the flowers and tables ready.  It’s such an amazing house with open fire places and low ceilings so it created the perfect setting for a Winter wedding.

How did you feel walking down the aisle?
Rather floaty and dreamlike, plus a little nervous I might trip up or fall over, but basically just so excited to be marrying the man of my dreams! Oh and carrying the most incredible bouquet that I didn’t want to drop!

Who took your fabulous wedding pictures? The fantastic Thomas Alexander. He had been recommended to my brother by one of his groomsmen for his wedding and when we saw the photos he took that day we booked him on the spot for ours!

What was the funniest moment of the day?                                                                                                  The funniest moment of the day was the impromptu photoshoot that took place towards the end of the evening! There were a lot of very quirky objects lying around the house including a stuffed chicken and a little wooden pug dog with a big ruff.  A couple of guests were sitting on a set of kissing chairs mucking about with these and our photographer just started snapping.  It all got very silly with increasingly amusing combinations of people, poses and objects!!  The photos ended up being amazing and some even looked like they could be in a fashion magazine!

Did your wedding have any quirky or unusual features?
Yes!  As my husband is from Orkney I arranged for a piper, in full Highland dress, to lead my Dad and I in to ‘Oh Flower of Scotland’.  It was a total surprise for my husband and his family and there were many tears as they all suddenly realised that it was a live piper walking into the building, not just a recording. Keeping it a complete secret was one of the hardest parts of the planning but wow did it pay off!  We also had two Spanish Guitarists playing for the guests whilst they waited for me to arrive and after the ceremony they started riffing with the piper and ended up playing an amazing impromptu session of Scottish music together!

What great piece of advice / tips would you pass on to other brides who are planning their wedding (#weddinghacks)?
My biggest piece of advice is that no matter how much you stress, and plan, and check, and re-check everything  come the morning of the wedding you simply will not care!  I made sure that my head bridesmaid and my brother knew the running list and all the ins and outs of the day so that on the morning of the wedding all I had to concentrate on was getting ready.  Although up until the night before I was super stressed that my husband would find out about the surprise piper, as I had been since I’d booked him 5 months before!  But as I woke up on the actual day, to my surprise, all that stress just disappeared!

Where did you go for your honeymoon?
We went to Zanzibar, it was absolute heaven, I cannot recommended it enough for a honeymoon location, long white beaches, amazing food, lovely people and a world away from wedding stresses!

Did you find organising your wedding an easy process? 
I wouldn’t say it was easy as even though we only had 12 guests there was still a huge amount to be organised before the big day.  I just made sure that I had booked the necessary people well enough in advance that I had time to meet with them all individually at the venue to talk through our ideas. The easiest part for me was organising the flowers, I wanted to make them a key part of the design of the day, plus have the most amazing bouquet!  As we sat with our florist and explained our ideas she immediately understood exactly what we wanted, arranged everything for us flowers wise and made sure on the day they were even more amazing than we could have wished for!

What will you do with your dress now?
It is hanging with pride in my wardrobe and hopefully one day I’ll get to wear it again, maybe on our anniversary each year, down the pub!

What are you and your husband’s best memories of the day?
Can we say the whole day or is that too cheesy?!  When I asked my husband that’s what he said and I feel exactly the same.  Although when I asked him to be more specific he said it was the moment he caught sight of me coming through the door and walking up the aisle (bless!).  For me if I had to pick one memory I think it has to be the sound of the piper starting up, knowing that it was going to be a complete surprise for my husband and his family. As the piper started playing it meant that the moment was finally here for me to marry my gorgeous husband and I will never ever forget that magical feeling as we started to walk in to the sound of ‘Oh Flower of Scotland’.