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In the middle of summer, these London lovebirds took to the city and celebrated their 'I dos' right at the heart of their bustling home. Jo & Pedro married at the gorgeous St. Patrick's Church, Soho, and continued their affair at the elegant Coq d'Argent, No. 1 Poultry in Bank. The pair added thoughtful little touches of themselves through out their day, creating an elegant, mixed bag of a celebration!

Jo styled our
Torum dress by layering our glamorous Aurele skirt and uniquely decorated the high neckline with our Anselme lariat. Adding Jo's genuine smile and newlywed glow, she absolutely shone.

Captured by the cleverly creative, We Heart Pictures, Jo & Pedro were spoilt with unforgettable images, forever keeping their day memorable. We are very lucky to be sharing this central wedding, enjoy scrolling through.


How did Pedro propose?

My husband proposed in Lyon, France. I used to live there and he planned a trip for my 30th so that I could show him where I lived. I thought that was just about the most thoughtful thing he could do, little did I know he had planned the proposal too. The actual day when he proposed though, things didn’t really go to plan – as I kept changing the plans and stressing him out! He was acting so strangely all day I actually wondered if everything was alright between us! Ha…then he found the perfect place to propose up on a hill with just the two of us, looking down on the lights of Lyon. It was so lovely, funny and very thoughtful.


Where did you purchase your dress & why?

I purchased my dress from the amazing, wonderful and idyllic Charlie Brear boutique in Tottenham Street, London. I then found out that my best friend got her dress from there too - she did say but that was back in my clueless days when I didn't know anything about wedding dresses! She had the best experience with them too, so it made me feel even more amazing and excited about the whole experience.

I first saw my dress in a magazine advert. I’m not sure about anyone else but I didn’t see any dresses that remotely interested me from any wedding magazines. They all seemed so big and poofy. Then I saw this advert and it jumped out the page at me. It was just so different from anything else I’d seen and I couldn’t wait to try it on. As soon as I did, I just never wanted to take it off.


What was your best experience when trying on dresses?

Definitely at Charlie Brear. It was the first place I tried something on that fitted me. Everywhere else I had bulldog clips everywhere, or at one place even a cushion stuffed down my back. Nice. I know I’m lucky I didn’t have the opposite experience of things being too small for me, but it was still quite unpretty. It didn’t feel glamorous, and was actually quite stressful. I felt rushed in most other places I went to. It seemed really impersonal, and they hurried me in and out. Then I came to Charlie Brear and felt like I was in a little haven and bubble of relaxed wedding joy. It was so no-stress and so creative. Mandi and the team helped me to pull lots of different things together to make my perfect outfit. I felt like I was playing a part in it all and felt like the possibilities were endless, yet achievable. It was just amazing. It felt really special to have Mandi helping me when she styled the advert I have seen too. Having my bestie with me was just swell too. I was pretty sad to leave, HA!

How did you feel after you had ordered your bridal look?

Amazing. For someone who is often pretty indecisive, it was so refreshing to know that I had 100% made the right decision. I just felt so excited to wear it and show my husband.

What would your advice be to other brides about shopping for a wedding dress?

I’ve actually written a blog about weddings, called downtoearthbrides as I found so many aspects of wedding planning bonkers, and I found I wasn’t alone. On my blog I have a whole section about dresses, and my main piece of advice is to do your research into the sort of dress and place that is for you. I’ve also warned about some places pressuring you into buying dresses that you don’t like/don’t suit you etc. I loved that it was really no-pressure at Charlie Brear and everyone seemed genuine in wanting to find the perfect dress for me. Having that pressure taken away made everything easier. It was really chilled, no eyes on everyone to cry when you find ‘the one perfect wedding dress’ – just a load of girls trying on beautiful dresses in a very special setting and situation. I also loved that Charlie Brear doesn’t charge for the appointments – I found it disgraceful that so many others did. Hopefully the tips on my blog are helpful!

What shoes did you wear?


I wore some gold peep toes from Asos - £20, bargain! They were so dang cool that I bought the same for my bridesmaids too – I like that we had matching feet the day of the wedding. I will definitely wear them again soon.

Did you struggle finding the right lingerie for your dress & what would you recommend for other brides-to-be?

I found mine quite easily, and just went for white things with no VPL. I didn’t spend tons here – and got my panties from M&S! For my bra – I had to have a stick-on one as the back of my dress was a very low 'V' shape. I have a teeny bust so I got a padded one and it worked a treat. It was roughly £20 from Asos. The stick-on bit hasn’t lost it's grip either, so it is still good for a few more weddings (other people’s, not more of mine!)

Who did your hair & make-up and how did you find them?

I actually did my make-up myself! My husband works in fashion for a brand which does amazing make-up so I was lucky enough to get a bridal make-up trial and also some swell make-up to do myself. My sister helped me and we had some trials before the day itself too. I'd recommend it to people, saves you so much money!

I got my hair done at Jones and Payne in Shoreditch, by the wonderful Gemma. She is just the best and the whole team are great. I went for two trials before the day itself too and am so glad I did that as it changed each time and I really got to know Gemma. It was nice to get out of the hotel the morning of the wedding too - I'd really recommend that to brides-to-be.

Who took your fabulous wedding photos?

We are SO pleased with our wedding snaps – they’re just so perfect. The wonderful Hector took them, half of the talent behind We Heart Pictures. We cannot recommend them enough – what a great team. We also did an engagement shoot, which prior to doing it felt very self-indulgent and over-the-top (not very down-to-earth bride) but I’m so glad we did. We really got to know Hector, and felt more comfortable in front of the camera which saved time on the day when time zips by so fast.

How did you feel walking down the aisle?

Incredible! Which is strange because it was one of the things I was most nervous about before the day! However, as soon as I walked in, holding onto my Dad, I not only saw Pedro but also all my best friends. One of my friends just threw her hands up, blew me a kiss and gave me the biggest smile and it was just infectious. I walked down the aisle with the cheesiest grin ever and felt like Beyonce.

What was the most memorable moment of the day?

Oh wow, so many funny moments during the day, particularly during the best men speeches, which were a little risqué. The funniest unplanned moment was probably during the ceremony when Pedro misheard the Priest say the vows and promised ‘to love, cherish and hire me’ rather than ‘honour’.  It did cause a little chuckle…

Take 5 with this week's #FRIDAYBRIDE JO



1. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Not everything will go to plan – this is what makes you human, and makes your wedding fun. Embrace it…and get more sleep. Also don’t check the weather app until two days before your wedding when the forecast is more accurate. Otherwise you’ll just get RSI and plans can change in an instant.

2. Let people help. If they offer help, accept. And refer to tip 1 – get more sleep.

3. Ladies, give a speech! It feels amazing, and means you get to say stuff for yourself. If it’s your bag, do it and feel empowered!  

4. I’m pleased we did all the small thoughtful touches. We scanned Pinterest for hours, but only decided to do the things that a) wouldn’t take too long b) felt like us and c) we thought people would enjoy. If you’ve got time, some of those thoughtful bits will make your wedding stand out. But again, don’t get obsessed. If you’ve been knitting handmade doily favours for six months, then time to…step.away.from.the.knitting.

5. Embrace the honeymoon. Our honeymoon is the best holiday/thing I’ve ever done in my life. Even the thought of it kept us going when wedmin got stressful! For us we found that we really needed that time together after the wonderful madness of it all. My advice would be to indulge! – and I don’t mean on the money side of things, but the time side of things. You’ll LOVE every minute of it. We don’t have post-wedding blues at all, but not sure if the post-honeymoon blues will ever leave us.

Did your wedding have any quirky or unusual features?

I think we added lots of extras into the wedding, which people have said they really enjoyed and made it original, which made us really happy, such as: giving everyone a CD of our wedding playlist to take home with them. I also did a speech, which I think is becoming more common now thankfully, but I suppose not very ‘traditional’. My best mate is also male, so I had a bride squad rather than just bridesmaids. There was no way I was excluding him just because he is male!  We decided that we didn’t want a big over-the-top car either, so we opted for a Citroen 2CV which was just amazing! It was pretty small, but so cool and also added a hint of French to the day, which I always love.

Where did you go for your honeymoon?

We flew to San Francisco then did a 10-day tour of California, down to San Diego. Followed by a 6-day blissful stay in Kauai, Hawaii. DREAMY!

What will you do with your dress now?

will never part with my dress! It’s too pretty! I’m going to try to wear the skirt again, but the rest I will keep – maybe frame it one day when I’m old and big and be proud about how I once wore that dress and felt incredible!

What are you and your husband's best memories of the day?

There are so so many, but here are a few off the top of my head...

Seeing each other for the first time in the church and getting butterflies all over again.

My husband's first words when we saw me - "You look HOT!"

Doing the confetti tunnel twice - once with confetti and once to hi-5 all our guests!

Taking the trip from the church to our reception venue through London, and everyone waving at us like we were celebs! We just couldn't stop giggling at the fact that we'd just gotten married and that everyone was waving at us. I felt like Beyoncé...again!

Arriving at our reception venue first before all of our guests, being handed a glass of champagne and having a walk around the grounds, just the two of us, before our guests got there on the buses.

Looking around us at dinner and seeing every single person we love.

Dancing to the last dance - 'I can't help falling in love with you', Elvis - with our families in a big old messy, drunken, huddle of cuddles.


Dress TorumAurele skirt & Anselme Lariat by Charlie Brear

Ceremony Venue St. Patrick's Church, Soho Square

Reception venue Coq d'Argent

Photographer We Heart Pictures

Videographer Agne Wedding Films

Bridesmaid's Dresses Asos
Rings Engagement ring Burlington Arcade (vintage Tiffany & Co)
Wedding band Handmade from my Great-Grandmother's bracelet - we melted it down and made it into a ring at Hatton Garden.

Music Spotify! And my beautiful cousin played the flute during the ceremony

Florist The Bloom Bar E18 - Lisa Carney

Cake supplier Hummingbird Bakery (red velvet cake) and Anges du Sucre(macarons)

Hair Jones and Payne, Shoreditch by Gemma

Make-up Me with Chanel make-up!

Transport Citroen 2CV Wedding Cars & London Bus Company

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