Charlie Brear Iconics Bridal Collection

These bridal dresses are stocked at our London Flagship, with a selection available from our international retailers. Click here to book an appointment

Our signature bridal dresses are housed together as the beautifully curated Iconic Collections. Perfectly cut silhouettes are complemented by the layering of soft tulles, chiffons and lace, with accents of exquisite hand-beading. Clever juxtapositions balance femininity and androgyny to create an aesthetic that will appeal to the fashion conscious bride. Key continuing styles include the brand’s lightweight Voulaire overdress and best-selling Payton dress with a cut to die for. 

These bridal dresses  showcase the label’s wide range of versatile Additions, which work perfectly as co-ords or layered to transform a look through day and night. Starting with a simple crepe, satin or chiffon dress and layering everything from sequined overdresses and tiered skirts, allows brides to build and customise a bespoke look that's in keeping with their personal style.