Every Friday we kick off the weekend by featuring one of our fabulous brides, showcasing their wedding and, of course, their dress! 

This week we spoke to Joanna; who was married on Saturday the 11th of July 2015 Burley Park, New Forest - a field hired from a local farmer. The bride wore our Lalique dress. 

Continue reading to see some beautiful photographs and find out all about Joanna's big day! 

Describe the style of your wedding.  Laid-back, boho, tent-in-a-field style!

What was your best experience when trying on dresses? The beautiful Charlie Brear boutique - it really was leaps and bounds ahead of the rest: gorgeous space, beautiful decor, loads of lovely accessories and styles to try - and the lovely Mandi. It’s no wonder I ended up in one of their stunning dresses!!!!

How did your husband propose to you? On my favourite beach in Spain (where I grew up)…starlit night, gorgeous walk home along the sand after a beautiful meal - pretty idyllic really! He had a ‘hold-the-finger’ ring from Claire’s accessories as he suspected I might prefer to choose my own (he knows me pretty well!) I chose a beautiful aqua green sea-glass ring from Glasswing Jewellery in Cornwall.

What shoes did you wear? I fell in love with the Emmy shoes I tried on at the Charlie Brear showroom and went and tried some on - but couldn’t really wear them in my field (ivory suede and deer poo not the best mix!) A lovely and very generous friend bought me some beautiful Jimmy Choo’s instead! (Ivette bronze metallic) - which were unbelievably comfortable!

Did you struggle finding the right lingerie that worked with your dress? I did not - but I did chose a dress that I could go braless with and could move in…so just some normal seamless nude coloured pants was all I wore!

What traditions did you follow? We did not really consciously follow any traditions although I did have something borrowed: the one item of jewellery I wore (a vintage diamante bracelet from a friend). I actually had both my mother and father walk me down the aisle together as I see the old ‘man handing over to man’ thing to be a little outdated!

Did your wedding have any quirky or unusual features? Not really - outdoor games, married under a tree, tipis - it’s all been done before - but I like to think we did it our way! 

Who took your fabulous wedding pictures? The lovely Antony Turner - he was perfect. We did not want posed, formal group shots - just a reportage style capturing of the day and people. He did a fabulous job.

How did you feel walking down the aisle? Utterly surreal! - and rather excited! (had to make myself slow down - that was genuinely one of the reasons for the heels!!!)

What advice would you pass on to other brides (#weddinghacks)? Make the big decisions early (venue, approx. numbers, etc) and then enjoy deciding on the details! Pinterest rules for this (I had never used it before) - loads of ideas and I had an eclectic load of pins - but patterns soon emerge as to what you really like! Just remember that if you have good food, good wine and good music - it is the people that make the celebration!

If you could do it all again what would you do differently? Make it a 2 day weekend affair! (and maybe have a videographer as well?)

What are your best memories of the day? Watching the wonderful mix of friends and family outside playing croquet, boules, rugby, frisbee; kids on space hoppers and everyone chatting and drinking bubbly in the sunshine…exactly as we had envisaged it! That and the walk back up the aisle being showered with confetti and feeling all the love!!!