Presenting Charlie Brear's #FridayBride

Opposites Attract!

Here begins the tale of an English Groom and an Irish Bride; David & Charyn! With tradition on David's mind and rustic charm on Charyn's; these two are proof that you can create a lovely balance between both! Married in Dublin's city centre at the quaint Trinity College Chapel, the pair continued their celebrations in the peaceful country side at BallymagarveyVillage, in September of last year. By cleverly combining these two themes, David & Charyn were able to represent their unique, individual styles but also show how wonderfully they can be intertwined.

Charyn was married in our Payton dress, layered with our beaded lace Catroux skirt and accessorised with our matching butterfly sleeves and ivory sash – a Charlie Brear Bride through and through!

The couple’s unforgettable moments turned into irreplaceable memories by Mark Harrison at Harrison Photography and were captured on video by Story of Eve. Read on to see their lovely day unfold...

How did David propose?  My husband proposed during a trip home to Ireland. It was on the shores of Lough Owel on a frosty morning just after Christmas. He read a poem (which I kept interrupting, as I didn’t realise what was happening!) and then produced his Gran’s engagement ring. We went home and celebrated with champagne before catching our flight back to London to commence planning!

Where did you purchase your dress & why?  I purchased my beautiful Charlie Brear dress from the London Flagship showroom, off Tottenham Court Road. I’d first seen her dresses at a stockist in Dublin and instantly loved the simple, delicate detail and the stunningly feminine style. As my dress was comprised of a few versatile elements (the Payton dress, Catroux overskirt, matching butterfly sleeves and a silk sash), it took a while for me to decide on the exact combination I wanted. In the end though, it was absolutely the right decision in every way. It was my style to a T and everything I had visualised I wanted to be as a bride.

What was your best experience when trying on dresses?  
I tried on many (MANY) beautiful dresses before finding my perfect one! I tried dresses on with my Mum in our home town, my sister and bridesmaid, Sue, in Dublin and I even had a couple of visits to shops in Bolton with my Mum-in law! I thoroughly enjoyed every experience – it’s a wonderful process. The CB showroom was really special though. It was beautifully decorated with gorgeous product displays. The stylists were so helpful too (thanks Hannah!) and the whole experience was just lovely!

What would your advice be to other brides about shopping for a wedding dress?  Find that one friend who’s eye for style you KNOW you can completely trust and get her to help you make the final call. I was so reassured by having my friend, Jo’s, stamp of approval. Inevitably, the old #dressdoubt does start to creep in at certain points before the big day, but I was able to keep reminding myself that Jo doesn’t get these things wrong. It was a BIG help to me.

How did you feel after you had ordered your dress?  Delighted! It’s a really big decision, so once you’ve made it, there’s a certain sense of relief.

Did you find lingerie difficult for your dress?   
Not so much. I had cups built into the bust, as a bra wasn’t an option with the low V on the back. Given the fine nature of the fabric, I was a little apprehensive about having them stitched in but the seamstress did a good job. I may also have supplemented with some Magic Lift-Its for some added shape (sssshhhhh!). They worked well. I didn’t need to fuss too much about a VPL or any lumps or bumps as the lace overskirt on top of the dress gave ample layering.

What shoes did you wear?  Jimmy Choos Lance sandals in champagne. They were an eleventh hour splurge! My husband had just arrived in Ireland with his Best Man and we’d gone straight to our chapel to test the organ. The chapel is located dangerously close to Dublin’s Grafton Street and the lovely Brown Thomas department store. I already had a pair of shoes, which I had been planning to wear, but couldn’t resist a last dash. I tried on the sandals and without thinking, handed over the credit card. They were perfect.

Who did your hair & make-up and how did you find them?  We had a small army (!) of hairdressers and make-up artists travel to our cottages on the morning of the wedding to work their wonders on my four bridesmaids, the two Mums and I. They are from my hometown in Mullingar and were absolutely terrific, in spite of a stupidly early start!

Did your wedding have any unusual features?  We had a police escort for the entire bridal party through Dublin City Centre after the ceremony, complete with outriders! It was a stroke of luck and organised completely by our lovely chauffeur as a surprise for us! We felt like VIPs as onlookers tried to figure out what all the fuss was about.

What traditions did you follow?  My something old, borrowed and blue was taken care of with the original engagement ring from my Husband’s proposal. It was attached to my bouquet with some blue ribbon. Pretty much everything else was new, so that box was ticked! 

We did abstain from seeing one another on the morning of the wedding too, although we were getting ready in neighbouring cottages! 

Another tradition – and I think this is a predominantly Irish one – was that we laid a small ‘Statue of Prague’ outside our front door the night before for the promise of good weather. It worked a treat as we seemed to get the one day of the Irish Summer!

Take 5 with this week's #FRIDAY BRIDE


1. Make decisions then don’t doubt, revisit or second think. Move on to the next thing on the list.

2. Build in pre-wedding treats so you’re not just living for the big day. A pre-honeymoon holiday, date nights, trips to a day spa etc.

3. Try not to renovate your house or take on any other major life projects at the same time as planning your wedding. You’ll have enough on your plate.

4. Don’t take on mapping every last logistical detail out for your guests. They’re grown-ups and should be capable of figuring the finer details out for themselves.

5. Arrange with your videographer to receive the raw edits of entire speeches. Most will just package up ‘snippets’ or what they think to be the ‘best bits’ into your main vid, but it’s wonderful to have them in their entirity, even if not professionally edited.

How did you feel walking down the aisle?  Amazingly calm. Our Reverend led the bridal party in and we had a String Quartet play Gabriel’s Oboe. It was a really peaceful moment. Having my wonderful Dad by my side was definitely a huge help too.

What was the funniest moment of the day?  Being photobombed during our formal photography by a hoard of Japanese tourists, a marching band and several Irish wolfhounds. Don’t even ask! The best man’s speech was also off the charts funny.

Did you find organising your wedding an easy process?  As we planned our wedding from overseas, all of our supplier correspondence was over phone, email and Skype or snatched meetings during our frequent trips to Ireland in the run up. That was quite difficult and stressful at times! The logistics of having half of our guests travel from overseas too, was a bit tricky. Getting 140 people to the centre of Dublin then out to the countryside in one piece wasn’t exactly a piece of cake. The easiest part was the coordination of events at our reception and BBQ the day after. We had a terrific wedding coordinator who was super organised and professional and ensured everything was seamless. She made sure that we didn’t have to take on any of the burden of ensuring things were as they should be on the day.

What are you and your husband’s best memories of the day?  Goodness! So many to choose from. The trip from the chapel to our venue was brilliant. We were both so excited to be married, we couldn’t stop smiling! We both absolutely loved the speeches too. Our Best Man had us (and EVERYONE else) in tears laughing. Honestly though – it was all just amazing. As was the following day when we were both able to relax and let our hair down a little more with our friends and family.