Presenting Charlie Brear's #FridayBride

Take me to Tuscany!

The day you become bound to the one you absolutely love is ever so personal; so why not make it just as unique as you are! In late June of this year, Jasmin & Iain made their way to gorgeous Tuscany, surrounded by many happy faces, to their destination wedding at Fattoria Mansi Bernardini, a picturesque olive farm. The couple invited all their family and friends to share in three glorious days on the stunning property with them. The intimate venue allowed this couple to consolidate their love, simply in the presence of their nearest and dearest. It also gave them the opportunity to have a lot of fun with their guests and celebrate in true Italian style - with food of course!

Beautiful Jasmin stunned wearing our Beaumont dress, detailled with delicate ties, layered with our soft tulle Latil skirt and accessorised with our Perlu belt. Perfect for a warm, Tuscan summer! Teamed with a classic pair of gold, open-toed sandals and statement drop earrings, Jasmin looked absolutely divine when she said her 'I do's!

Wander through Jasmin & Iain's garden wedding as photographed by Eli Ohren below.

How did Iain propose?  He proposed to me whilst we were on holiday in Fez, Morocco. I had just come back from a trip around the world with my sister and I guess he must have really missed me. We had the perfect day exploring the medina and at night he proposed to me in our beautiful room. He luckily knew I wouldn’t like it if other people were around, it’s such an intimate moment. He had the most beautiful art deco ring, I still love looking at it so much. We got married a year and a day after he proposed.

Where did you purchase your dress & why? I purchased it from the Charlie Brear shop in London. My husband’s ex-girlfriend actually recommended it to me. She got married in one of your dresses too. I absolutely loved the atmosphere and the mix and match approach.

What was your best experience when trying on dresses?  
My mum came over from Germany and we were both a bit nervous as to what to expect from the day (I had watched a few too many episodes of ‘Say Yes to the Dress’). She is not a very wedding-y person and I was hoping this day would get her into the spirit, which it totally did. We both loved Mandi, she was so helpful and lovely, and when we went to the next shop we realised how invaluable her experience was and the fact that she gave us her honest opinion. My mum and I went back the next day to order the dress and were on a total high! It was such a great bonding experience for us too and gave us memories we will always cherish.

What would your advice be to other brides about shopping for a wedding dress?  Don’t take too many people. It really helped me that it was only my mum and I. Also, be open to different ideas. I had a Pinterest board for dresses that all looked very different to the dress I ended up getting married in. But, as soon as I put it on I fell in love with it and forgot about all the other dresses I had seen online. I also wouldn’t go to too many shops and once you find the dress, cancel all other appointments.

How did you feel after you had ordered your dress?  So excited and so relieved I found such an amazing dress so quickly and easily. I did not stop looking at the photos of it for the four months until it was ready to be picked up.

Did you find lingerie difficult for your dress?  
Yes, I got stick-on silicone cups but because it was quite hot, they didn’t stay on so I decided to take them off after the ceremony and just go without a bra. There are a few images just after the ceremony, before I took the cups out, where it looks like my boobs are about the same height as my belly button. My sister had much cheaper stick-on cups from H&M and they lasted all day and night so I’d go with those ones next time.

What shoes did you wear?  I wore flat golden sandals by Ancient Greek Sandals that I found in Liberty just before my first dress fitting which made me feel like it was meant to be. I really like long dresses paired with flat sandals and it really fit into the garden setting. I have worn them a few times since and they always remind me of the wedding day. 

Who did your hair & make-up and how did you find them?  My maid of honour did my make-up and she did such an amazing job. One of the bridesmaids did my eyeliner and my hair was mainly done by two of my bridesmaids too. They all did amazingly as they know my taste and they did exactly what I had in mind. I was scared to book someone who may not share the same aesthetics especially because - timewise - I couldn’t have had a trial.

Did your wedding have any unusual features?  We hosted a welcome pizza dinner the night before the wedding and a goodbye pasta night post our special day. We also had a gelato cart (our guests are still convinced it was the best gelato they've ever had!) and a table to make your own flower crowns as I felt like both were important for a fun garden party. We also didn’t want to spend a fortune on a photo booth that would have looked out of place in a garden, so we did it with an app on our iPad and it was a hit! I wanted the background to be strings of flowers and it really would not have worked in a photo booth box. I also did all the stationary, together with a friend, so it’s all very personal and just as I had imagined. We got very excited playing around with fonts and going to a fine paper shop looking through their catalogues (I’m a total paper geek!). As the creator of Pinocchio was from an area near to our venue, we made special Pinocchio themed menus for the kids as I wanted the kids to have lots of fun stuff to do so they wouldn’t get bored. Just after our first dance we had a Ceilidh band which was very fun. The Scots were so good at it and us Germans were definitely trying. It might have been the hardest work out I’ve ever done – and that in my wedding dress.

What traditions did you follow?  We didn’t stay in the same bed the night before and didn’t see each other until the ceremony just to make it a bit more special when we actually saw each other at the altar. My Iranian relatives also organised an Iranian cake dance which was mainly awkward but it was nice that they thought about bringing something from that culture in too. I can’t say that I care much about wedding traditions but I guess getting married in a white dress is quite traditional in itself.

How did you feel walking down the aisle?   So happy and excited but also so nervous. As an introvert, I like to keep in the background and it was weird having everyone look at me at once. I looked at the floor mainly which now I really regret as that moment will never come back. I was shaking for the first five minutes of the ceremony but I think only Iain and my mum noticed.

Take 5 with this week's #FRIDAY BRIDE


1. Do take a step back on the day and look around and just take it all in. It’s all so overwhelming, someone always wants to talk, hug or photograph you so it’s nice to take five minutes and watch. When people say to make sure to enjoy your day, they really mean it.

2. Definitely invest in great photography, the day is such a blur to us that the images help us remember everything that happened and also prove that it wasn’t all just a big dream.

3. Make mood boards. I made them on Power Point and bound them into little booklets which really helped me see the day come to life and bring clarity to different ideas. It was also the most fun I ever had. A dreamer’s dream.

4. Write your own vows. It made the ceremony so much more special and personal. We put some humour in them too and Iain liked mine so much, he hardly could say his as he had to cry so much. We’ll put them in our wedding album and always remind ourselves of what we promised each other.

5. Video the speeches. I really wish we did that. The best men were hilarious and my mum gave such an amazing and moving speech in her second language. I wish I could watch them again.


6. Have an instant camera! Having an instant camera at the wedding meant we had photos from the day straight away. This kept us going before we got the official snaps!

Who took your gorgeous wedding pictures?  I studied photography so luckily there were lots of amazing photographers around. My uni friend, Eli Ohren, who is based in Oslo, took our official photos and she totally nailed it. She didn’t just capture the wedding day but the whole weekend and the images bring back such great memories.

What was the funniest moment of the day?  Probably the best man’s speech. My face hurt so much from laughing. I also loved the fact that my maid of honour’s boyfriend went to the ice cream cart 6 times in two hours and when the gelato guy left, he looked for his best customer to personally say bye.

Did you find organising your wedding an easy process?  I loved the first stage where it’s all about making mood boards and dreaming. Organising it in Italy was definitely not that easy, even though we had a wedding planner. The owner of the venue was very awkward so some things that could have been easy were made really difficult. But all in all, it was really fun and I struggle a bit now that I have all this time to myself. I need a new project!

If you could do it all again what would you do differently?  
Take a bit more time to save more money. Make firm contracts with the venue first so they cannot keep on adding charges up until the week before like our venue did. Eat more of the lovely food we chose, especially the gelato and the wedding cake.

Where did you go for your honeymoon?  We will go to Vietnam in winter and travel around for a few weeks. I cannot wait!

What are you and your husband’s best memories of the day?  My favourite things were sharing our vows, the speeches and the cocktail hour. We really tried to make it a fun garden party with lots of bruschetta and cocktails and not just a waiting period between ceremony and dinner. I loved how everyone had so much fun with the photo booth, making flower crowns and eating gelato. My husband says his best memories were seeing me walking down the aisle towards him and seeing everyone we love sitting together at the meal with a stunning view of Lucca in the background.