Every Friday we will be kicking off the weekend by featuring one of our fabulous brides, showcasing their wedding and, of course, their dress! This week we spoke to Rachel; who married Mark on the 1st of August 2015. Their venue was a church across the field from Rachel's parent's house in Cambridgeshire and the bride wore our Arlette dress.

We love the fun, countryside look of her wedding and couldn't wait to share the images with you!

It all started when...


Describe the style of your wedding. 
Big Love celebrated in the midst of family, friends and lots of summer colours.

How did he propose? 
On Golden Gate Bridge at sunset with a ring that completely blew me away - it was also a total surprise.

Any advice for other brides about shopping for a wedding dress? 
Don't be afraid to wait and also try things you wouldn't instantly say yes to - dresses in pictures with models wearing them are totally different to what they might look like on a real person.

How did you feel after you had ordered your dress? 
Constantly happy and without any doubts - the feeling when I was wearing it was always totally positive.

Did you follow any traditions?
It was an all round traditional wedding, held at the bride's family home with all the family involved. The local butcher provided the meat, the local pub did the catering, a lady from the village made the cake. I wore my grandmother's head-dress and my great-grandmother's veil and all these things were so special.

Were there any quirky or unusual features during your big day? 
My gift to my husband was BIG LOVE in marquee light letters which we set up between the band and the dance-floor. They made an amazing feature as well as being exactly the message I wanted to give him. I also thought the bridesmaids colour block skirts and bright floral dresses were unusual but worked so well.

Who took your fabulous wedding pictures? 
Marianne Chua, who is totally brilliant and made every picture brilliant!
How did you feel walking down the aisle? 
Humbled and Happy - all those people were there for us, and he was there too - the experience is like nothing else.

What's your best piece of advice (#weddinghacks)?
Remember it's just one day and be at peace with that as much as possible. Of course you will experience some stress before and some sadness that it's over after, but the main thing is not to let that borrow from the day itself, which will be just as it is meant to be, whatever happens.Oh, and if you can afford it, definitely have a film made - Jeff Wood Visuals creates features which will take you straight back to your day in the most beautiful way.

What will you do with your dress now? 
Always a tricky question as every bride would probably love to wear their dress again, but it's not always practical. I think I'll keep it and throw a party where everyone can wear white, then afterwards dye it red or dark blue to wear to important parties/events.
What are your best memories of the day? 
Being there and with every turn and next step, seeing another person we love and another detail that had come together on the day. That and the whole service, from the vows to friends singing and doing readings-  it was very memorable.