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CB Lucia & Francesco Friday bride

In Puglia, the bright, beachy region of southern Italy, people take a relaxed and sunny approach to everyday life. Our stunning Friday bride, Lucia, is no exception.  Lucia and Francesco celebrated their special day with an authentic Italian style wedding full of fun, family, and of course a Fiat. Arriving to the Cathedral of Altamura in a vintage Fiat 500, Lucia wowed friends and family in her crepe Torum gown, Laphi lace Overdress and Prada pumps, because what’s more Italian than that? Lucia loved personally planning every detail of her traditional, tasteful summer wedding right down to the pool party and whimsical photo booth that followed the ceremony at a charming ancient Masseria.

Their stunning day was captured by Photographer & videographer Nicola Centoducati

CB Lucia & Francesco Friday bride

Please can you describe the style of your wedding for us.

My marriage was a very Italian and Puglia style wedding , tasteful and very romantic. I enjoyed taking care of every detail.

What was your best experience when trying on dresses?

Trying on the wedding dress was the most fun part of organizing my wedding. I did not know the brand Charlie Brear but I discovered it on the Facebook page of the boutique “Edward”, and it was love at first sight. I went to visit a bridal boutique in Trani and that is where I found the dress. I immediately realized that it was the right one. I had just found my wedding dress. It was SO exciting.

CB Lucia & Francesco Friday bride

When and where did your husband propose to you? Did he have a ring ready?

My husband proposed to me in April of last year, a few days after my birthday. We were in Rome on a wonderful terrace in the ancient centre, with a fantastic view over the city at sunset. I knew nothing and was completely surprised. He had told me to prepare a small suitcase for a weekend away. Unbeknownst to me, he had planned a trip to Rome, a very significant city for us because I attended college there and we spent many romantic moments in the city.

At this special location he knelt and he gave me the ring. We ended the evening in a very elegant, starry restaurant.

What would your advice be to other brides about shopping for a wedding dress?

I recommend that brides do thorough research online to see what kinds of styles they prefer in order to choose the most suitable store. I advise brides to have fun while looking and be accompanied by people who know you well.

How long did it take to plan your wedding?

One year

CB Lucia & Francesco Friday bride

How did you feel after you had ordered your dress?

I was elated and excited.

What shoes did you wear?

 I wore Prada shoes, made to order, with white leather, open toe model. Under the sole of the shoes are the initials of my name and that of my husband. L for Lucia and F for Francesco.

Did you struggle finding the right lingerie that worked with your dress, if so would you recommend anything for future brides?

The shop assistant at the bridal boutique gave great advice on the best lingerie for the type of dress, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. I wore INTIMISSIMI lingerie.

What Traditions did you follow? Something borrowed, something blue or not seeing each other until the ceremony for example.

Sure! I wore a hair clip borrowed from my mother-in-law, that she had worn on her wedding day, and a garter with a small blue ribbon. In addition, the Italian tradition says that the mother-in-law brings the bouquet to the bride because it is her gift.

Who did your hair & make-up and how did you find them?

My Hair stylist is Giacomo Cannito

My make-up artist is Carmen Dragonetti

CB Lucia & Francesco Friday bride
CB Lucia & Francesco Friday bride

Where and when did you get married?

I got married in the Cathedral of Altamura, a town near Bari in South of Puglia, on 5 August 2016

What was the funniest moment of the day?

The funniest moment was the party in the pool after the ceremony.

Did your wedding have any quirky or unusual features?

 I arrived in the church with a very small, vintage Fiat 500. The location of the reception was an ancient Masseria, with so many romantic lights. During the party there was an instant camera and funny photobooth.

Who took your fabulous wedding pictures?

Nicola Centoducati was the photographer. He and his team were absolutely fantastic and very kind . Their photos are very beautiful, they convey the emotions of the day.

How did you feel walking down the aisle?

I was very, very excited. I thought I was going to cry. The cathedral was full of our relatives and friends which made me extremely happy.

CB Lucia & Francesco Friday bride

If you could do it all again what would you do differently?

Nothing.  Everything worked fine!

Where did you go for your honeymoon?

We haven’t gone yet! Maybe in the winter we will go to Australia.

Did you find organising your wedding an easy process? What parts were easy, what parts were trickier?

It was amazing but also difficult and very wearisome because we did not have a wedding planner. I thank my mother, my sister Titti and cousin Antonella for helping me organize everything.

What will you do with your dress now?

I don’t know yet. I would love wear it again!

What are you and your husband’s best memories of the day?

The exchange of rings in church was memorable. Also our arrival in Masseria La Macina, the location of our wedding reception. There we had a party near the pool and our first dance along with a romantic speech by my husband.

CB Lucia & Francesco Friday bride


Write the wedding diary, to sign ideas, expenses, etc…

Choose a logo and the image of your wedding

Choose a good florist

Think of ideas to create a very fun party and funny moments: a photobooth with funny hats or accessories

Choose a wonderful dress that reflects you and your personality.

CB Lucia & Francesco Friday bride


Shoes - PRADA



Reception venue: MASSERIA LA MACINA

Photographer/videographer: NICOLA CENTODUCATI




Florist: CORBEILLE di Bruna Rifino , Gianni Lacialamella


Cake supplier: RENATO MORISCO



Transportation:  FIAT 500


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