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Set on a remote Scottish Island, Kiloran & Charlie said their “I dos” in true bohemian style. The Isle of Ulva was the perfect setting, beautifully green and bathed in summer sun! The whole day was a DIY effort from jugs filled with freshly picked wild flowers to collecting ice from the local fish farm across the water. A magical day for the perfect couple.

Kiloran looked beautiful and wowed her guests in a pure silk Cassel dress. An effortless look, proving that stripping it back to simplicity is most definitely the way forward.

Kiloran & Charlie’s wedding pictures were captured by Laura Tiliman.

charlie brear

Please describe the style of your wedding
Highland boho

When and where did your partner propose to you?
29th August 2015, Calgary bay beach, Isle of Mull, Scotland. A very special place for me & my family as well as a beautiful bay. It may have been a typical west coast day weather wise but that only added to the excitement!

Which dress did you choose and why? And where did you buy it from?
The Cassel dress, I loved the simplicity of the dress with its low back and twisted neckline, it draped over my figure just perfectly. I found the dress on my first visit to the Charlie Brear Studio. Once I tried it on, it was hard to get it out of my head!

How was your experience shopping for your wedding dress? (was it easy, was it memorable, was it fun?, was the decision tough?)
I attended the Charlie Brear sample sale a few weeks before my appointment with a girlfriend, which was great to get an idea of exactly what suited me and what didn't, so when it came to the appointment I could narrow down my options. Initially, I went with two friends with different tastes so it was good to get both their opinions. For the second appointment, I brought three friends and my mother-in-law. As much fun as it was, I think it may have been wiser to have gone alone. However, in the end I was extremely pleased with my decision.

charlie brear

What would your advice be to other brides shopping for a wedding dress?
Do your research! Go through photos of yourself in different dress styles so you can get an idea of what really suits you and what doesn't. Also think about underwear, I loved the back of my dress but it did mean I had to wear a backless bra which was not the easiest to find- especially one that holds up a C cup. Going to sample sales is a great way of trying on different styles of dresses without worrying about finding 'the one' right there and then.

What shoes did you wear?
Because I was getting married at home on a remote Scottish Island, it meant that anything with a heel was sadly out of the question. However, I found a beautiful silver pair of pointed flats at Pretty Ballerinas on the Kings Road, London and because they are flats I can wear them as an everyday shoe which is a lovely reminder of a memorable day.

Did you struggle finding the right lingerie that worked with your dress, if so would you recommend anything for future brides?

Finding a backless bra without seems was not an easy affair! It took a lot of time hunting one down but in the end a stick on bra bought on Amazon worked a treat. I was weary of stick on bra's from past experience but the technology has come a long way and it did the job and there were no chicken filets lost on the day even after some wild Scottish dancing!

charlie brear

Where and when did you get married?
We were married on the 25th June 2016 at my home on the Isle of Ulva. The island is off another island so was a logistical nightmare getting everything over for the big day but my amazing family and friends made it happen! Being the west coast of Scotland, we had prepared for sideways rain, midges and mud. We forewarned the wedding party to bring wellies and brollies, however, incredibly the weather was beyond amazing, blue skies and sunshine all day. Ulva looked beautiful all green and lush bathed in summer sun. We couldn't have asked for a better day.

How did you feel walking down the aisle?
As soon as the church doors opened as nervous as I was I couldn't wipe the huge smile off my face. It was so lovely seeing all our friends and family in once place! That moment is one that will be hard to forget.

charlie brear
charlie brear

What traditions did you follow? (Think something old, new, borrowed and blue.)
I never intended to follow any traditions, however, in the end I had a new dress & shoes, vintage pearl & diamond drop earrings inherited from my Granny, a borrowed veil from a close friend and a blue button that was from my Great Grannies dress that I was given by my aunt. Charlie and I also spent the night before the wedding on different Islands which gave us some down time with our respective families.

Did your wedding have any quirky or unusual features?
Being on a small remote Scottish island with no tarmac roads and no commercial ferry service, was an unusual feature in itself. The whole day was a DIY effort from jugs filled with freshly picked wild flowers to collecting ice from the local fish farm across the water! Another unintentional quirk was having fireworks in daylight, being the north of the UK it doesn't tend to go completely dark until about midnight and because my uncle who was doing the fireworks wanted to have a drink, we decided to set them off while it was still light. Amazingly it worked really well!

What was the funniest moment of the day?
Funniest moment was definitely some classic dance moves from my wonderful father! He has rather perfected his moon walking skills which was admired by all!


Who took your wedding pictures?
A lovely girl called Laura Tiliman whose photos I found on a wedding blog. It turned out she was from Glasgow and had friends who lived on the island next to us, whom she could stay with so it worked out perfectly. She takes great natural photos and was very good at just getting on with it.

If you could do it all again, would you do anything differently?
Not at all, it was just how it should have been! At a push the only thing I might have done differently was to have eaten more of the food on the day as everyone commented on how delicious the food was and I hardly had time to eat anything!

Did you find organising your wedding an easy process? What parts were easy and what parts were trickier?
The organising is half the fun so it was a fairly easy process, and being a graphic designer it was great fun designing my own invitations, save the dates and wedding website! The trickier parts were the logistics of getting everything over to the island and the putting up of the marquee which took us three attempts after putting it up inside out on one attempt! My family and friends were unbelievably helpful and it wouldn't have been as amazing as it was without their help.

charlie brear


1) Don't stress, everyone at the wedding is there for you so just ride on their wave of love! The day will turn out the way it is meant to be so just go with it.

2) Don't be afraid to call in favours! You can always return a favour!

3) Comfy footwear and comfy underwear! It’s the last thing you want to have to worry about on the day

4) Have fun, enjoy this time when all your friends are in one place, it very rarely happens so cherish it

5) Take lots of photos of every moment so if like me you have a rubbish memory, you can look back on them to remind you!

charlie brear


Ceremony Venue - Ulva Church, Isle of Ulva

Reception Venue - Ulva house, Isle of Ulva

Photographer/Videographer - Laura Tiliman

Shoes - Pretty Ballerina

Bridesmaids' dresses - Ghost

Rings - Mckenna & Co, Beauchamp place

Florist - Flower House, Oban

Entertainment - Heron valley ceilidh band

Caterer - Crear Kitchen Catering

Cake Supplier - The little bespoke bakery Isle of mull