Presenting Charlie Brear’s #FridayBridE ALICE

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This spring, Alice & Tom said their “I do's” at Pimhill Barn in Shrewsbury, England. An architecturally beautiful barn which dates back to 1584, provided the perfect surroundings for a stunning party. The couple wanted a fun and memorable celebration with all of their family and friends. They didn't focus on a 'theme' as such, instead going with what felt like them- a combination of rustic vibes, vintage and edgy style.

The happy bride looked incredible in our Beaumont dress and infamous Carmes ostrich feather skirt, finished off with a silk sash.

Alice & Tom’s amazing wedding pictures were captured by Claire Penn.

charlie brear

When and where did your partner propose to you?
It was Christmas Eve on Mirissa Beach in Sri Lanka. We'd just arrived from a long car journey and were having a walk along the beach. It was a lovely quiet moment between the two of us on an empty stretch of beach! We then enjoyed a few too many cocktails to celebrate!

Which dress did you choose and why? And where did you buy it from?
My dress was from the Charlie Brear studio in London. I chose the Beaumont dress with the Carmes ostrich feather skirt and a silk belt. My reason for choosing my dress was that I felt totally like myself in it (well, me on a really really good day!). I saw a picture of the ostrich feather skirt and booked an appointment immediately - I was praying that it would be perfect for me. It really was! Everyone tells you that you get that feeling when you find the dream dress. I didn't believe it, but in the end, it was totally true. The whole team at Charlie Brear made me feel a million dollars every step of the way!


charlie brear

How was your experience shopping for your wedding dress?
I wasn't too excited to go wedding dress shopping, more concerned really that I would find what was right for me! In the end, the decision wasn't hard, as I knew when I put my dress on that it was 'the one'!

What would your advice be to other brides shopping for a wedding dress?
Be open minded initially, try on a few styles so that you can eliminate what you don't like first.Research designers/brands to get a feel for their style and book appointments where they are stocked. I would also only invite one or two people to go with you. Too many opinions can be exhausting and ultimately it's how YOU feel. Lastly, go with what truly feels like you, not something you will feel uncomfortable in or have to change dramatically to wear!

How did you feel after you had ordered your dress?
I felt relieved and so excited, I couldn't wait to wear it!

charlie brear

What shoes did you wear?
I wore the Aquazzura Alix pump in pink velvet. I adored them! I couldn't find them in stock anywhere and the customer service team at Aquazzura spent a whole day tracking a pair down for me, they ended up coming from Stockholm. Incredible customer service and I know I will wear them again!

Did you struggle finding the right lingerie that worked with your dress, if so would you recommend anything for future brides?
Yes, a bra was the issue for me, I went braless (which I was worried about as I am really not small chested) with nipple covers from Debenhams and I actually felt a lot more comfortable on the day than wearing something that I was worried would show.

Who did your hair & make-up and how did you find them?
Makeup By Jodie and Hair By Nikki B were there on the day for me and the bridesmaids. I spent a lot of time googling and I loved their portfolio the most.

charlie brear

How did you feel walking down the aisle?
I felt so nervous, but really excited!

What traditions did you follow?
My dad gave me away, we did all the speeches etc, but other than that it was very relaxed!

charlie brear
charlie brear

Did your wedding have any quirky or unusual features?
We had Lion beer imported as it is Sri Lankan and was all we drank while we were away and got engaged. Lots of our wedding bits were designed and made by our friends and family which felt really special. We also had a 9 piece Ska band for the evening, who were amazing!

What was the funniest moment of the day?
Definitely when Tom said 'I do' too early (he knew he would!) and the speeches were also hilarious!

charlie brear
charlie brear


1. Get the big things (venue, photographer, food etc) booked as quickly as you can, good suppliers get booked up so far in advance

2. Set up a Pinterest board- there are some amazing ideas

3. If setting up your own venue, start shopping early for decorative bits - you can get some real bargains if you look. We got some amazing lanterns from Home bargains!

4. Set up a spreadsheet with all your invite, guest list and costing detail, as it really helps to stay organised

5. Enjoy the process together!


charlie brear
charlie brear

Who took your wedding pictures?
The wonderful Claire Penn. Claire takes the most beautiful, natural photos and we would recommend her to anyone.

If you could do it all again, would you do anything differently?
I wouldn't change a thing, I would love to do it again just to appreciate every single moment and the bits that I missed!

Did you find organising your wedding an easy process? What parts were easy and what parts were trickier?
We found it very easy really, we are lucky to have a very supportive family, who were there when we needed them but let us get on with what we really wanted. We ensured all the 'big' things were booked well in advance so that we could relax and enjoy the process. The couple of months before the wedding are quite hectic, when you are also trying to juggle work, but we really did enjoy the process.

What will you do with your dress now?
It is hanging on the outside of my wardrobe and i'm so gutted that I won't be able to wear those feathers again. I have toyed with having it altered to a shorter skirt but I'm not sure I can bring myself to…

What are you and your husband's best memories of the day?
There are a few! The ceremony, because it was such a happy moment saying 'I do', the band, because they were so fun and everyone danced all night and Tom's brother surprising us by singing and playing the guitar for both of our favourite songs.

charlie brear
charlie brear
charlie brear


Ceremony Venue - Pimhill Barn

Reception Venue - Pimhill Barn

Photographer - Claire Penn

Videographer - Shutterbox
Shoes - Aquazzura
Accessories - Head Piece from All things Lucy

Bridesmaids' dresses - Needle and Thread From Asos

Rings - Jewellery Quarter - Birmingham

Florist - Michelle Gledhill

Entertainment - The Superskas

Caterer - Shropshire Catering

Cake Supplier - Family Friend

Hair - Hair By Nikki B