Find your local Charlie Brear stockist located in Europe.


Each boutique offers a selection of bridal wear from the Mainline, Iconic, and Styling Addition collections.


Love Sweet etc...- Brussels, Belgium

Ivory Club- Antwerp, Belgium

Ma Robe - Toulouse, France

Mademoiselle Fee - Angers, France

Martine Toledano - Nice, France

Maria Schei - Bryne, Norway

White Concepts, Aachen, Germany

Stilecht Brautcouture Merzig, Germany

You Are, Stuttgart, Germany

Heyday - Vienna, Austria

Bliss Bridal- Sarl, Luxembourg

Boutique Alba - Sassuolo, Italy

Edward Sposa - Trani, Italy

Di Punto in Bianco - Cesena, Italy 

Penelope Sposa -  Brescia, Italy

Scenari Sposa - Milan, Italy

Tessabit - Como, Italy

The White Showroom, Palma, Spain

Tul Novias - Boiro, Spain